How To: Host Virtually Jackbox Games using Google Meet (with audio!)

Since the pandemic started, I’ve hosted virtual board games like jackbox game nights every Tuesday through google meet. After the first night hosting, I realized that google meet does NOT share pc audio for others to hear. People missed out on the goofiness of the jackbox games. By the next night, I was able to figure out a way to share the audio, which although a bit clunky it’s worked well.

You will need:

  • A laptop/desktop with the game
  • A phone

Setup overview

  • Laptop/Desktop
    • Jackbox Game Instance
    • Google Meet –> Video feed
  • Phone
    • Jackbox Game Controller
    • Google Meet –> Microphone feed

PC Setup

Step 1) Setup PC to share audio (using Stereo Mix) and Jackbox game

  • At the bottom right of your taskbar, right click on the speaker icon and select sounds

  • Click on the Recordings tab
  • Right click a blank area and press Show Disabled Devices

  • Look for the one that says Stereo Mix and enable it

  • Now Right click on Stereo Mix and make sure Listen to this device is checked off (not sure what this does exactly but that’s how I have it)

Step 2) Change Google Meet Call inputs to use Stereo Mix

  • Launch a new google meet call by going to
  • Click on the three dots at the bottom right and select Settings

  • Now under AUDIO you should see Stereo Mix as an option, select it.
  • Whenever you want to share your pc audio change the Audio setting to Stereo mix and when you want to use your mic change it to your microphone.
  • Note: You can’t share both at the same time, and people won’t be able to hear you when sharing audio through Stereo Mix

You can now Share Window and select the window with the jackbox game.

You should now be:

  • 1) Sharing the audio from your computer
  • 2) The jackbox game window
  • 3) Your webcam from your pc if you chose to

Phone Setup

  1. Join the Google meet call on your phone
    1. Turn your video off
    2. Turn your mic on
    3. Keep the call in the background. In Android: press the back button or fling your finger upwards from the bottom
  2. Join the jackbox game
    1. Open a browser and go to and join the game by inputting the code

Note: Having the call and the game going will drain your phone battery rapidly so make sure you keep your phone powered!

You should now:

  • 1) Be sharing your voice to the google meet call through your phone
  • 2) Able to play the game through your phone

If you’ve made it this far you are ready to have an awesome time with friends! I hope you found this helpful and stay safe!!