How To: Share PC Using Google Meet (Win 10)

I regularly host jackbox game nights using google meet and after the first night trying it out I realized that there was no easy way to share pc audio with others. Doing some research led me to the steps below which although a little clunky worked well. Some people have had luck using “Share window” and it also shares the window audio but that was not my case. I’ve listed below links to sources where people discuss this same issue. Some people have had luck using VB-Cable but this guide doesn’t show you how to use that.

Step 1) Enable “stereo mix” on your windows pc

  • At the bottom right of your taskbar, right click on the speaker icon and select sounds

  • Click on the Recordings tab
  • Right click a blank area and press Show Disabled Devices

  • Look for the one that says Stereo Mix and enable it

  • Now Right click on Stereo Mix and make sure Listen to this device is checked off (not sure what this does exactly but that’s how I have it)

Step 2) Change mic input on Google Meet Call

  • Launch a new google meet call by going to
  • Click on the three dots at the bottom right and select Settings
  • Now under AUDIO you should see Stereo Mix as an option.
  • Whenever you want to share your pc audio change the Audio to Stereo mix and when you want to use your mic change it to your mic.
  • Note: You can’t share both at the same time, and people won’t be able to hear you when sharing audio through Stereo Mix