Technology: Trying to use Elgato Video Capture device in 2022 (spoiler: don’t, video freezes)

I recently bought one of these at a thrift store for $4 to digitize some tapes. I tried using my newest PC (AMD 5600x 32gb ram) and the video would freeze a few seconds into playing it. if I opened OBS at the same time, the audio would cut out but the video would keep playing on the elgato software. I finally gave up, don’t waste your time getting this device working on newer computers.

To get this working, I did have a spare PC and a windows 7 CD so I installed it on that computer, and after a little playing around with it it worked as intended not surprisingly, although a bit buggy, sometimes video would freeze unless you wen’t back to the video screen. also rewinding causes the video to freeze. I get the feeling if the signal on the software drops even a little bit, it will freeze the display on the elgato software. What I ended up doing was pressing play and right away quickly pressing next through the various screens and quickly started the recording.

If you do want to use this device I would suggest getting a cheap pc with windows 7 but don’t waste your time on newer

Tech: Keyboard/Mouse unresponsive trying to install Windows 7 from disk in 2022.

I wanted to use some software that was windows 7 specific and I had a spare computer I wanted to install it on. Everything worked fine up to the windows 7 install screen, then I would get no mouse/keyboard inputs. I rebooted the computer and the mouse would work fine on the BIOS screen. I figured it may be tied to a date on the windows 7 installer so I set the date on the bios to 2010 and voila mouse and keyboard on the installer!

Problem: No Mouse/keyboard on the windows 7 installer screen

Fix: set the bios date to 2010