How To: Setup the code on the PS3 remote if TV not listed

I found a PS3 remote at Goodwills for $1.50!! So I decided to use it as a universal remote for my tv. I am shocked that there is such poor documentation on setting up your TV if the code is not listed! After a lot of trial and error I figured out how to set it up with my tv, everything but the power on button works (power button only powers it off) . The manual for this setup for the PS3 is incorrect! (TV Hannspree, not listed )

Manual: CECH-ZRC1U

“Setting the remote code for a TV that is not in the list of manufacturers”

These are the steps that worked for me:

  1. Hold down the TV button under Devices, THEN click the CLEAR button
  2. TV button is now blinking
  3. Press the green I/O TV button on the top right
  4. Did the tv turn off?
  5. IF NO then click CH+ button (this changes the remote to a different code)
  6. Press the green I/O TV button
  7. Did the tv turn off? If no then press the CH+ button and then the I/O TV button to test the tv.(Repeat until something happens)
  8. IF YES!
  9. Press ENTER to save the code that did something to the tv.
  10. Turn the TV back on and test the other buttons (Input/Vol/Channel)
  11. Do they work as expected? If yes, you are done!
  12. IF NO, re-do step 1, and press the CH+  button to advance to the next code and I/O TV to test the TV
  13. NOTE: if you realize that a previous code worked better then
  14. Do step 1, and instead of pressing the CH+ button press the CH- button to go back to the pervious code.
  15. Press the I/O TV button to see if the TV turns off
  16. Press ENTER to save the code
  17. Holy crap that was confusing to setup :/ but i hope this makes it clear!