How to: Fix Moto G4 Play Poor GPS Connection

This is an awesome phone, it does everything I want it to and battery lasts more than a day :). Unfortunately I started having GPS problems and after googling soon realized it was a common problem with the phone :/ . Thanks to the XDA thread I was able to do the fix below which improved my GPS signal 🙂 . The GPS readings were taken from the front of my house for consistency.

Disclaimer: Disassembling your phone will void your warranty, follow steps at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damage incurred following this guide


  • Poor GPS connection or no GPS lock


  • This appears to be a hardware problem in which the antenna springs don’t have good contact with the gold pads
  • If you phone is under warranty, get a replacement.
  • If it is out of warranty you need to increase contact on the pads, take a look at the images below. I added two copper pads on top of the original pads to increase tension, I used electrical tape to secure the copper pads and placed a electrical tape sliver as a spacer.
  • Disassembly Video
  • Link to GPS Test App