How to: Replace and/or Upgrade a Flowtron Starter Bulb

Being in Wisconsin, mosquitos a merciless, they will suck all your blood. I bought a Flowtron mosquito repellent lamp off Amazon BK-15D 1/2 acre coverage, unfortunately we used it twice and it stopped working. Bought new bulbs and soon realized that it was the starter. I looked all over the internet and realized that the company was the only one who sold those types of starters anymore. They also weren’t returning my calls to get a new starter bulb or light bulb to see what the problem was.

Doing a bit of research I realized that I could upgrade the starter to use newer fluorescent starters, it would save money and hassle in the future, and hopefully last much longer.

8/3/2017 : Eventually they did return my calls and were nice about sending a new starter, but I didn’t want to be stuck calling them or buying new starters every time they broke, and from the research I did, they break very often.
8/25/2017 : The bulb they “sent out” never arrived, time upgrade starter bulb.

Disclaimer: Follow steps at your own risk!! I am not responsible for any injuries or damage incurred. Also, you will void your warranty by opening and modifying the mosquito repellent lamp.



  1. Remove the top of the flowtron unit (two screws on the side)
  2. Remove the plastic cage from the mosquito lamp ( two screws on the side)
  3. Remove old starter bulb using two needle nose pliers and pulling each leg out
  4. Drill hole to install new stater base
  5. Strip wire, attach to base and run wires into starter bulb openings
  6. Install new starter bulb
  7. Close unit back up and test out
  8. Kill ALL mosquiters

It is easier to follows steps by looking at the video below.