How To: Fix Spyder gui terrible scaling with high dpi monitor (Windows 10)

I recently upgraded my monitor to 4k and the first thing I realized was that spyder scaled horribly, tiny text along large icons etc. This appears to be a problem with qt as me and others have managed to fix this by modifying the qt.conf file as below. There is a closed issue on github with a recent post.


1) Locate the qt.conf file

Where is the qt.conf file?

If you installed as admin ( and meant for all users )
If you install as a normal user
or here:


2) Modify the qt.conf file

In order to modify this file I had to first copy it to the desktop, modify it then replace it on the C: drive. Add the following lines to the file. Change to 0 or 1 depending on your display

WindowsArguments = dpiawareness=0

3) Restart Spyder

In order for changes to take effect you will need to close and restart spyder. If that didn’t work for you change the value to a 0 or 1