How To: Set Up Magic Mirror on a Raspberry Pi 3

After electron deprecated the Pi Zero 32 bit version, my magic mirror was unusable and hacking it to make it work wasn’t working anymore. I had a raspberry pi 3 laying around and decided to replace the pi zero. Here are the steps I used to get my magic mirror up and running again!

1) Install 64 bit Raspberry Pi OS with Desktop
Latest steps are listed here!

2) Install Magic Mirror
After you have your raspberry pi OS up and running and you have completed all the prompts, connected to your wifi and updated the OS you can follow the steps on this link to install the magic mirror manually.

3) For the background image slideshow to work
Once you have installed your magic mirror, change directories into the modules directory /home/admin/MagicMirror/modules and clone the latest version of the MMM-ImageSlideshow repo here.
* You can use something like FileZilla to SFTP into your raspberry pi and copy your background images into the exampleImages folder, deleting the stock images the module comes with.
* Use images smaller than your screen resolution, I use 1920×1080 because they fill my magic mirror completely.
* Also I would use darker backgrounds to keep the contrast of text to background, I like using images of space.

4) Google Calendar
Go to settings of your google calendar and scroll down until you see the section below, DO NOT SHARE this link with anybody else or they will have access to your calendar! insert that link in the config.json file

5) Start Magic Mirror Automatically using PM2
Follow the steps here for setting up the that running pm2 will launch at boot.

Other Tips
* I have an outlet timer connected to my LED screen and to my raspberry pi, it turns on at 7am and that turns on the screen automatically and the raspberry pi, then pm2 boots up magic mirror
* At 10:50 pm I turn off the raspberry pi by adding the command 50 22 * * * /usr/sbin/shutdown -h now to the roots crontab at sudo crontab -e this prevents the raspberry pi boot drive from being corrupted by the outlet timer suddenly shutting down.
* Lastly here is my config file, css, backgrounds I found and compliments json if anybody wants to check them out!
** the config file goes in /home/admin/MagicMirror/config
** the compliments file goes in /home/admin/MagicMirror/modules/default/compliments
** the CSS file goes in /home/admin/MagicMirror/css
** and the backgrounds go in /home/admin/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-ImageSlideshow/exampleImages