How To: Fix a voicemail that goes directly to scam/ads/robocaller messages *86

I got a call form an unrecognized number, so I let it go to voicemail. I later tried to delete the message but the voicemail kept calling the scammer/robocall/ads phone number as opposed to accessing my voicemail. I kept getting a answering machine with a prompt to “connect with local singles”. As much as I am interested in connecting with local singles, I am more interested in deleting this message and access my voicemail.


  • Voicemail goes directly to scammer/robocall/ads interactive service


  • Android:
    • Open the phone app and click on the three horizontal lines icon> Settings > Calls > Voicemail >Setup>Voicemail number. A window pops up that lets you enter your voicemail number – the default is *86, change this to your cell phone number.