How to: Install Arduino IDE Ubuntu

I tried installing Arduino IDE from the repo’s through apt-get but realialized that the Arduino Yun was not listed. So I google some more and eventually installed the newest IDE and arduino Yun was finally listed.


  1. Download Arduino IDE (file ending in .tar.xz)
  2. Extract the folder containing the files
  3. IMPORTANT: Move the folder containing the Arduino IDE files into the directory you want it to reside
    1. The installer will rely on this being the location of the Arduino IDE
  4.  In a terminal, cd into the directory containing the Arduino IDE
  5. Run the command $ sudo ./install

Note: When you run ./install, sometimes  desktop shortcut will be created but you wont be the owner (It will show up with an X and a lock) in that case run  $sudo chown <username> ~/Desktop/Arduino-IDE.desktop