How To: Fix Error: Could not find an installed version of Gradle — osX macOS

Problem: “Error: Could not find an installed version of Gradle either in Android Studio,¬†or on your system to install the gradle wrapper. Please include gradle in your path, or install Android Studio”

My problem was also that the path wasn’t available system wide, I could say $gradle -v” in some terminals but not all, the solution below fixed this issue. This problem was happening when I was trying to build an Ionic App for android, I had Android Studio installed as well.

Solution for mac :

  • Manually install gradle
    • Download latest version of gradle
    • Create a directory
      • $ mkdir /opt/gradle
    • Unzip contents into this directory
      • $ unzip -d /opt/gradle
    • Make sure contents are there
      • $ ls /opt/gradle/gradle-4.4
  • Set Environment Variables
    • Create the file (~/.bash_profile) if not already there
      • vim ~/.bash_profile
    • Add this line of text
      • export PATH=$PATH:/opt/gradle/gradle-4.4/bin
    • Source the file
      • $ source ~/.bash_profile