How To: Quickly Restart Spotify or any other App! (Mac Services and Shortcuts)

Every once in a while Spotify glitches out and it won’t play any song and I need to restart it which involved right clicking on the icon and force quitting/quitting. I figured there had to be an easier way. Lo and behold I found macOS services and shortcuts! Kinda tricky to use and a bit glitchy (see below as to why my shortcut wouldn’t work)

Setting up Automator

  • Open Automator
  • Select Service–> Click Choose
  • Pick “Run Shell Script”
  • Set Service receives selected to “no input” <— important!
    • killall Spotify; open /Applications/
Figure 1. Automator Settings


Setting up Shortcut

  • Go to System Preferences>Keyboard>Shortcuts
  • Select “Services” and find “Restart The Spotify”
  • Enable and select shortcut you want to use, Mine is CTRL+ALT+CMD+S




Figure 2. System Preferences Shortcut


If Shortcut is not working!

  • If you originally set the service to take input, it will show up under the Text category in shortcuts, you want it to be in General so go in to Automator , have it take No Input and rename the service so that macOS re-categorizes it.
Service Input is incorrect (should have no input) and therefore it’s in the wrong place in Shortcuts(Text Category) and won’t work correctly