How To: Fix The Bluetooth Audio on Android Lollipop 5.1 From Skipping

Soon after upgrading to Lollipop 5.1 on my Motorola g xt1031. I noticed that my car’s bluetooth receiver began skipping.

UPDATE 5/24/2017: There is no fix, skipping still continues, although less frequent. Rebooting fixes it temporarily.


  • Revert back to the old music player.
    • Steps:
      • 1) Enable Developer Mode (Settings–>About Phone–> Tap “Build Number” until give access)
      • 2) Press back and you should now see a “Developer Options” menu item near the bottom of the settings screen.
      • 3) Enable “Use AwesomePlayer”
      • 4) Enjoy Skip Free Audio!
  • Other things I tried:
    • Clearing the cache and  data from the bluetooth process
    • Re-pairing my phone to my car’s stereo

  •  Backup your data and Factory Reset the Device
    • Unfortunately this seemed to be the last thing to try. This is what I did (on 1/10/2015) and it hasn’t skipped yet. Will update if it does skip again.
    • Update 2/4/2015 –> Doing a factory reset has significantly stopped the bluetooth from skipping. When I get into the car, the phone does skip 2-3 times within the first minute of playing but then It doesn’t skip at all.


Bluetooth audio skipping since Lollipop from nexus4

  • Adam Wildavsky

    I had high hopes for this fix. I’m using Nougat (7.1.1) on a Pixel XL. Alas, I see no player item under Developer Options. For now the only thing that works for me is to restart the phone.

    • Emmanuel Contreras

      Hey Adam, This seems to be a problem that started in android 5.0 and has not been resolved. I have a Moto G4 play with 6.0.1 and although much better than before, I still have some skipping. It is unfortunate to hear that you are having this problem as you are running the latest version of the OS on the latest phone. I’m sorry to say there is no fix yet 🙁

    • Thorin

      For me, this problem is “resolved” by keeping the screen on, u can d/l an app to keep it on for you. Annoying as hell though, but at least no skipping. Shem it’s an issue for such a long time.

  • shailesh parihar

    i had skipping audio problem in my car system when i play music from my one plus 3 so i did this to solve the issue hope this helps

    • Emmanuel Contreras

      I have a pioneer MVH-X370BT and unfortunately it does not have that setting. Skipping started happening after upgrading to Android 5.0. Hopefully that will help others thought!

      • shailesh parihar

        This problem is due to deep sleep feature of lollipop, so all you can do is keep screen on or find a music player which dosent allow device to deep sleep.

        • Emmanuel Contreras

          Interesting, that is good to know! Hopefully that will be fixed in future updates.